Saving Resources through Energy Efficiencies


Even simple changes can drive significant improvements when it comes to the environmental impact of manufacturing operations. Continually reviewing our production process and identifying opportunities to increase efficiencies have allowed us to save resource usage around the world.

In 2018, our facility in Cairo, Egypt, implemented a project to improve the steam system used mainly for heating. This project consisted of replacing and upgrading steam traps. Steam traps filter out condensed steam and non-condensable gases without letting steam escape, ensuring that steam is not wasted and the steam system runs efficiently. As a result of this project, our Cairo facility has reduced natural gas consumption by 42 percent, reduced water consumption by 41 percent, and saved 30 percent on overall site energy intensity.

Our Lüneburg, Germany, facility also upgraded 140 steam traps and 40 steam valves across their site in 2018. These changes have reduced overall site energy intensity by 23 percent.

These site-level improvements contribute to H.B. Fuller’s key sustainability goals of reducing water withdrawal and energy intensity. Not only do projects like this improve our environmental footprint, they also reduce expenses. Together, these projects are estimated to save nearly €200,000 in energy and water costs annually. H.B. Fuller is dedicated to finding ways to increase efficiency across our operations. When we do, we save resources at the same time as improving our sustainability performance.